Tips to PREP the House to SELL

Part of your decision in choosing a Real Estate partner must include Trust and Honesty. You can expect Robert to be Trustworthy and Honest ALWAYS, which begins now. An agent that is truthful will not only share facts and trends about the market and pricing, but also about your house in general. Flattery might get some agents the listing, but Robert knows that does not SELL the property. When walking through and showing your house to Robert during the Listing appointment, expect that he may give you candid feedback and recommendations that may make the property more attractive to other agents and buyers. This also may include staging some areas for the photos taken that will be posted on the Web Listing for ALL to see.

There is a BIG difference between living in a house and the SHOWABILITY of the house to attract buyers that are willing to deliver the highest price in the time frame you desire. Any tips or advice given are designed to help you accomplish that Result, and also demonstrate that Robert is putting YOUR best interest FIRST, from the beginning of the partnership. Robert will help you set the stage for a successful sale by highlighting the strengths or unique features of the property.

Below are some helpful hints and recommendations for Setting the Stage for a Successful Sale and It is Time to Show and Sell.

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Setting the Stage for a Successful Sale

Make a Lasting First Impression
Curb appeal is vital. Make sure your lawn is mowed and landscaping is neatly trimmed. Rake up any leaves or debris. Clean out rain gutters.
Sweep the sidewalk and driveway, pressure cleaning makes a difference.
Paint exterior areas that may be pealing or chipped.
The front door should be clean and presentable. If the doorbell is not working, fix it.

Don't Hesitate to Update.
Touch up or paint faded or stained walls
Paint exterior areas that may be pealing or chipped.
Make sure flooring is clean and looking fresh. A small investment in carpet cleaning or tile and grout cleaning can make a big difference

Let the Sun Shine In.
Open the blinds and curtains. Clean the windows. Home buyers are drawn to bright, cheery interiors.

Make Small Repairs.
Dripping water suggests worn out plumbing. Clean those rust-stained sinks. Ensure toilets flush properly. And make sure the drains are running free and clear.

Adjust the Minor Details.
Loose door knobs. Sticking drawers. Wobbly hinges. Stuck windows. Squeaky doors. They can all impact the sale. Fix them ahead of time to avoid buyer hesitations or a lower offer.

Safety Sells.
Keep stairways and corridors clear and free of clutter. Cluttered areas can be unattractive and dangerous as well. Uncluttered =Safe & More Space.

Sell the Whole House.
Let prospects see the big picture. Make sure the garage organized. Give storage spaces a clean coat of paint. Clean outdoor spaces, porch, screen, and pool.

Buyers Love Big Closets.
Closets look even bigger when they're clean and well organized. Get rid of the piles of clothes, old cartons, and other clutter.

Kitchens and Bathrooms tend to be Big Sellers.
Make them sparkle. Clean sinks, tubs, showers, and toilets. Re-caulk or grout where needed. Make sure towels and area rugs are freshly washed. Keep counter tops clutter free. Refrigerator, Stove, and Microwave should be clean and looking fresh.

Wake up the Bedrooms.
Remove excess furniture. Use attractive and colorful bed linens and spreads. Open the blinds and let the light in. Remember, this is where your buyers spend one third of their lives.

It is Time to Show and Sell

Lighten Up.
Home Buyers love the light. By day, let the sun shine in. By night, turn on all your lights - inside and out. Don't forget the accent and picture lights.

Avoid Crowds.
Home buyers dislike crowds. They want to feel comfortable, not rushed, and not pressured. Typically, when visiting a property, buyers are more comfortable opening up to their agent about their likes and needs when just the agent is present. When your agent shows your house and you are home, it is advisable to take a walk over to the neighbors or even a ride to the store.

Silence is Golden.
When your house is being shown, turn off the radio, television, stereo or any other noise-producing source. It will make your agent's job easier.

Hide the Pet.
Make your pets disappear when your home is being shown. Your prospect may have different tastes; or fears, in animals than you. Hide the litter box. Keep the house smelling fresh and free from any pet odors.

Remain part of the Background.
Don't try to engage your prospects in conversation. Let your agent do his or her job - and let your buyers inspect without interruption.

Stay Prepared.
You never know when your agent may need to show your home on a moment's notice. Make your beds and tidy up each morning, just in case.

No Need to Apologize.
Nobody's perfect. There's no need to apologize for the appearance of your house. Let your agent field any comments that may seem negative. Do not take any feedback personally

Sell the House.
Try not to sell your prospect old furniture, tools, memorabilia or anything besides your house. Save it for after the sale or yard sale. If the buyer is interested in anything that is not part of the Listing Agreement, they may make present you with an offer. When Listing the house, be sure to be specific in what is staying to avoid delays and potential misunderstandings.

Leave it to the Professionals.
Let your agent discuss selling price, terms, possession dates or other such details and report back to you. They've been carefully trained and will negotiate on your behalf.

Show by Appointment Only.
Your agent can schedule all showings - including those from other real estate offices. All you need to do is make sure your home is ready to show. After all, this is one of the main reasons you have an agent.