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Here is an updated look at the Real Estate Activity in ESTANCIA in Pembroke Pines– for the month of December 2019 as well as the Last 90 Days CLOSED SALES

CLOSED SALES – 1 home was CLOSED in the month of December 2019. Average LA sqft was 2,505. Average Listed Price was $449,000 with an Actual SOLD average of $439,000.

ACTIVE homes on the market currently total 2 with an average listed LA sqft of 2,288 and average Listed price of $442,450, with DOM of 76.

PENDING SALES under contract currently total 1 home(s) with an average offered price of$279,997 and an average listed LAof1,552 sqft.

 ESTANCIA – Pembroke Pines Home Sales Last 90 Days through December

 CLOSED SALES total 8 homes. The Average LISTED price was $449,350, the Average SOLD price was$436,688 with an Average listed LAof2,201 sqft.

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*Data as of 1-1-20* This information is not to solicit an already – listed property; we cooperate with all brokers. *Information warranted but not guaranteed. *The property information referenced above is based on multiple and various MLS participants and contains all properties including REO and Short Sales

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